The Mallory Park Road Race League is run and promoted by East Midlands Cycle Racing. We are a not-for-profit organisation and have been promoting races on the Mallory Park motor racing circuit since the mid 1990’s.

We are a ‘lightweight’ organisation, with just 3 officials and so rely mainly on parent volunteers to help us run races on the night. Volunteers get race entry credits for their child

In the past EMCR has promoted events for all categories of riders, ranging from under 8’s through to professionals. We’ve seen some really big stars take part in our events – the likes of Mark Cavendish and Dan Martin – in the early part of their cycling careers. However, with a drop off in numbers and committment to support with organisation, 2020 sees us concentrating on our Youth League, 18 events between April and September.

Our Youth League is widely regarded as one of the best and most competitive midweek youth racing leagues in the country, with around 80 riders taking part most weeks.

Our Officials are

  • Chairman – Alby Smith
  • Treasurer – Richard Gaul
  • Secretary – Louise Hughes

In addition to our committee member, we also have volunteers covering the following roles

  • Covid Officer – Richard Gaul
  • Multimedia/Marketing – Becky Smith

Our constitution may be viewed by clicking here

Minutes of our last AGM may e viewed by clicking here