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We’re just waiting to see what 2021 brings … soon as we have plans we’ll publish them. Unlikeley to see any racing before May though.

No upcoming events this year


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    March 20, 2019
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    January 30, 2019
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As a result of the recent policy from British Cycling cancelling all competitive events up to 30th April, our first 3 events are unfortunately cancelled. Start of racing is currently, therefore, 5th May, but is obviously subject to BC lifting these restrictions

Youth Programme
(BS=Bonus Sprint, DP=Double Points, PR=Points Race, ST=Stage Race, HC=Handicap Race)
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No events published for this year

Downloadable Programme

The 2020 programme of events, which contains details of all start times and the different events, can downloaded by clicking here. Note that occasionally we may need to change the circuit. Joining our Facebook Group, signing up for our Twitter feed or joining our Mailing List is a great way of keeping up to date



Youth events at Mallory Park Road Race League are run on Tuesday evenings from mid-April to mid-August. There are races for 5 age groups each evening, U8, U10, U12, U14 and U16. Additionally results are given separately for boys and girls

Riders score points in each race as follows

  • Scratch Race, our basic race with 8,6,4,3,2 and 1 points for the first 6 riders at the finish
  • Points race – sprints on designated laps, 5,3,2 and 1 points for the first 4 riders. The winner is the rider with most points and they get league points as for the scratch race
  • Stage Race – For U10/12 and U14/16 age groups, a Time Trial and a Scratch Race. Stages are worth half points, the overall full points. The overall winner is calculated by the lowest combined finishing position. In the event of a tie, the scratch race result decides
  • Time Trial – For U10/12 and U14/16, a chance to have a go at a longer time trial in a safe environment. U10/12 riders will be on the lower (flat) circuit, whilst U14/16 riders will be on the full circuit featuring the climb up to Gerrards. Same points tariff as Scratch Race. Ideal preparation for the Assen Youth Tour.
  • Double League points for 3 events
  • Bonus sprints qualifying for league points in 2 events. A single sprint with 5,3,2 and 1 points for the first 4 riders

Note that BC points are only available for U14 and U16 riders, in line with BC policy, and for stage races its the overall that counts for BC

All events, with the exception of the last event, are run under British Cycling rules and may be seen on the BC website by clicking on the link in the sidebar.

Note that we only do entry on the line.


Mini Stage Race Events

  • For U10/12 and U14/16 riders there will be a mini stage race, comprising 2 stages and an overall. Both stages and the overall will qualify for league points, but only overall will qualify for BC points
  • The overall winner will be the rider with the lowest aggregate score from both events (1 for 1st, 2 for 2nd, 3 for 3rd etc). In the event of a tie the result of the Scratch Race will decide the winner
  • Where the first stage is a Time Trial, standard road bikes will be used (no discs wheels and no tri-bars)
  • Riders do not have to ride both events on the evening, but only those finishing both stages will be eligible for the overall
  • Riders must register in advance for the TT, either at signing on the previous week of by contacting us. Registration closes on the Sunday evening before the race


Youth League

Riders gain points in their age category (boy and girl) as follows

  • Top 6 riders in each event score 8, 6, 4, 3, 2 and 1 points (half points for stage race stages)
  • For 3 selected events the top 6 riders get double points
  • For 2 selected events there is a bonus sprint in the race, top 4 riders gaining 4, 3, 2 and 1 points

The best 14 race results from the 17 league events are added up to determine the age category winner. Prizes are awarded to the top 3 riders in each category


Team League

Each rider starting an event scores 0.5 points for their team. Additionally, a riders individual points (including Bonus Sprints and Double Points) are included. The teams total points score is added up over the course of the season to determine the Team winner. All league events countPrizes are awarded for the top 3 teams




All events will be run under BC rules. Riders require a British Cycling race license in order to compete. If you aren’t a member of British Cycling then day licenses can be purchased for £1.50 at signing on


Youth Age Categories

Age categories are summarised below
CategoryAge GroupYear Born
AU162005 and 2006
BU142007 and 2008
CU122009 and 2010
DU102011 and 2012
EU82013 or later


  • B category (U14) riders with BC dispensation will be allowed to ride A category (U16) events
In all cases the rider must present their dispensation license. If this is not available BC have instructed organisers that riders should not be allowed to ride in the higher category. Riders competing with dispensation are also reminded that the gear restriction applying to their natural category is the one they should be using

Entry Fees

Entry Fees

Age Group Entry Fee
U8 £7
U10/12 £10
U14/16 £10
Any parent wishing to volunteer for marshalling will get a free ride for their child for each full evening of marshalling they do Contact Us if you would like to support the RR League in this way and get the race entry discount


Day Licenses

All races are run under BC rules. If the rider is not a member of British Cycling then a Day License is required, charged at £1.50. Details of British Cycling membership can be obtained by clicking here


The Technical Regulations

British Cycling Technical Regulations require that Youth riders compete on restricted gears. For road racing, and hence applicable to the Mallory Park RR League events, the restrictions are as shown below
Category Development
Youth A (U16) 6.93m
Youth B (U14) 6.45m
Youth C (U12) 6.05m
Youth D (U10) 5.4m
Youth E (U8) 5.1m
Riders must present for gear check before and after racing.
A full guide to gear restrictions is available by clicking here

What does it mean?

The development value defines the distance the bike will travel with one full revolution of the pedals in top gear. Depending on the size of wheel, type of tyre used, chainring and rear sprocket, gears may need to be restricted for racing by using the screw adjusters on either the front or rear gear changers.

What do I need to do?

Bike should be presented to gear checking before the start in their biggest gear. If the bike fails the gear check some adjustment may be needed, don’t worry if you don’t know what to do, someone will be available to help you. We generally ask all riders to present for gear check after the event as well.

Any riders riding in higher categories with dispensation are reminded that the gear restriction applying to their natural category is the one they should be using


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